Cheat Device approaching version 2.0!

I’ve been very busy with life stuff but have been working on Cheat Device occasionally for a few months and am ready to share a new update!

A feature many people have asked for is now available: console-side cheat database editing! This took me a while due to how I was allocating memory in older versions but the code has been refactored to allow for editing without imposing large loading times. This was accomplished by using a fixed-size object pool and replacing linked lists with pointer arrays for the menu items. Now you can add, edit, and delete games, cheats, code lines, and boot paths within Cheat Device. I’ve also polished the graphics routines after discovering I wasn’t handling alpha values correctly. Lots of other changes have been made, such as replacing button references in the bundled cheat database with button graphics. Ex: “Press circle” is rendered as “Press O”, where O is a circle button graphic. The game list is alphabetically sorted too.

Note that the cheat database file isn’t being updated by Cheat Device yet, so any games/cheats/codes you add/edit won’t persist after powering off the console. This will be implemented in the next release.

I will release updated documentation in the next few weeks, which isn’t a lot of work but I need to find some time to work on it. Once things seem to be stable based on feedback and testing, the new release will bump Cheat Device to version 2.0!

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