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Ben 10-Protector Of The Earth
Cheats By
Cheat Device Used
Codes made & tested for Code Breaker DS 1.0 version or higher! ALSO NOTE: These codes ONLY work on Code Breaker DS!


Ben 10-Protector Of The Earth
# Description Code
1E Enable Code (Must Be On) 0000D136 41574F45
839EDF0F 0B45D783
1 Infinite Health 86484779 69E0F149
107B38ED 42D14645
312CC4B5 9BA95D1C
2 Invincible 8CE0947A C7FC1C10
D1B17671 D88A74AF
2409E745 E074F103
3 Infinite Transformation Time 12D0A17A F4BECFA7
91E9DF70 5664BC20
4 Infinite Double Jumps 5C61C8EB 22519931
3A7E1DF0 C4D55B13
3C0A2A3C 3B3F9A30
5 Moon Jump 4A820DC7 267680C3
A7148AEC D2C04061
68262DDB 740E78C1
B94DB4E0 8E9631D9
C0D6B227 5DF237B5
28FFC60C 63B44DAF
F4DC4839 6C31FB07
CAFC409D 385111DB
607043B0 488F6C2C
0F1BDC3A 7C910128
C64E789F 6A574634
86866818 A21287A8
BAF9D452 E3E82516
6 Infinite SP Gauge 41EF97F9 ABA3D009
1869C43F 8D71D388
(7 codes total)