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Bleach-The Blade Of Fate
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Codes made & tested for Code Breaker DS 1.0 version or higher! ALSO NOTE: These codes ONLY work on Code Breaker DS!


Bleach-The Blade Of Fate
# Description Code
1E Enable Code (Must Be On) 0000DDDC 41424C45
34B3FE45 31784530
1 Max/Infinite Health C8460BB5 019FC708
B7C1C893 7BA6290F
C8460BB5 019FC708
B32BB964 7E8ABB24
2 Max/Infinite SP DCAD4CF5 93AF127D
24542DBC 08707480
3 Infinite Air Dash & Double Jumps B3A51E56 C93B5F56
C20CB6DB C0B42A35
4 1 Hit Kill CPU (Press Select) 33036306 6BFF9434
6A45E82D 4134B8D1
B7C1C893 7BA6290F
8845C2F1 6A5FA558
B7C1C893 7BA6290F
EC43A41D 948BF89A
B7C1C893 7BA6290F
5 Commands Never Disappear (Challenge Mode) 3CBE2BA0 F3B32CDA
5315D4D9 AFC57E8E
6 Infinite KAN (Shop) C8C003AE DD0065C6
7 Infinite Support Time [Note 1] BE9309F0 C8B4043F
3181CA63 6A4FF2CF
DAC21BF7 8891E114
64DCFB0F D2DA9283
A4816A1E D83E4F22
DF510161 153F0977
A99D1EB8 45388DC6
DF510161 153F0977
8 Infinite Time as Hollow Ichigo [Note 2] 588C839A B62061A9
C07F791F 601A3767
5A8E2027 ADB02419
235BBB76 6694F18F
57037DE3 1AB82CF4
(9 codes total)


Bleach-The Blade Of Fate Notes
Note 1:
With this code, Press L+Up to enable it & Press L+Down to disable it.
Note 2:
With this code, Press Select+Up to enable it & Press Select+Down to disable it.