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Dementium-The Ward
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Cheat Device Used
Codes made & tested for Code Breaker DS 1.0 version or higher! ALSO NOTE: These codes ONLY work on Code Breaker DS!


Dementium-The Ward
# Description Code
1E Enable Code (Must Be On) 0000ADBF 59445445
6B05AE88 0F97A3B8
1 Infinite Health 4673092B 1CF1A135
C61F5904 C5FB7114
2 Infinite Ammo 7D2FAB34 E7CE5936
EC2A7C0E 6512D07E
CDE42C4E 6677F52A
195607EC 99B40607
774BE526 60DA98BB
C3589B4C 525644F8
3 Max/Infinite Ammo 2E739114 3DB28E03
B9CA3F44 7E801741
756EE8A2 F4977E7F
C3516239 BEF68EBA
D457AE86 E96C650F
DF3C5FD0 C6E0B361
4 Have All Weapons [Note 1] F5300D74 1F632378
5 Have All Maps 62C219A8 0B7830B4
6 Have All Items [Note 2] 0C7476D4 CEB97E1C
7 1-Hit Kill 689D4C9C F82D5AA1
F0243726 948362DA
F8B82A62 BBD9124F
8 1-Hit Kill (Bosses) 68316CDF 9FAEFC41
94A5EF74 B8C3375E
50AD7787 229329EB
6CEBD37D 18623E90
9 No Boss Invincibility Time 9144DE60 7DC39975
8B063C39 5DBBDA7D
2FD8C755 87C1747C
B5C67534 47E568A1
10 Press Select+L For Enemies Cant Move ON 98CB3EBC F0D40788
31DB6039 B402429E
3D9763F2 5AC25EDB
2E55A154 3340C325
1F1772E3 D96EA2DA
11 Press Select+R For Enemies Cant Move OFF 438CEFE5 44329368
885085A3 6B100B30
41BDD4DE 719EF6B4
12 Go Directly to Final Boss [Note 3] 5E2D4AD3 564F825B
A5E5948F FF2F1F78
3DCC67A4 668399C9
4F1944AD 004AA4FF
5117C0BB 20BAC176
BB977E32 AA814034
(13 codes total)


Dementium-The Ward Notes
Note 1:
With this code, save and reload your game.
Note 2:
With this code, save and reload your game.
Note 3:
With this code, hold Select when changing zones.