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Alone In The Dark
Cheats By
Lajos Szalay
Cheat Device Used
Codes compatible for Code Breaker PS2 version 7.0 or higher! ALSO NOTE: These codes ONLY work on Code Breaker PS2!
Key: FA C2 19 DE 13 B4 60 7E 88 F5 50 77 7D 71 5F F4 F9 76 AF 54
To make use of these files, you need Code Breaker V7 or higher and a compatible USB Flash Device (Pen Drive).
Alone In The Dark (Filesize: 764 Bytes)
Download Has 8 Cheats.
(Last Updated: 2008-07-03)

(Sony PlayStation®2)

Alone In The Dark
# Description Code
1E Enable Code (Must Be On) [Read Note] B4336FA9 4DFEFB79
029BA048 7740D61B
73B8182E 2C99C407
D154F942 C26A3BF0
1 P1 Press Select To Skip FMV 935E5DF0 D3A0A4FB
0DB40D5C 16CEF4B8
459B6D30 122F7F35
2 Infinite Health E270A9D4 A2B85B07
2EA06A11 4EED3A7A
444431B3 FBA2BE08
3 1-Hit Kills 941CB13C 6B11B5E7
4 P1 Press L3+Left To Disable AI 9665BADB 52CD2C03
E92558C8 EFE56E3A
5 P1 Press L3+Right To Enable AI 9FA0F05D 39149EAA
6B19244A BC51CB0C
6 Zombie Can't Hit You CCF9C726 1DFAADD3
7 Infinite Ammo 306B23C2 128D3CF1
8 Infinite Healing Spary B7036FA4 3453B723
(9 codes total)

(Sony PlayStation®2)

Alone In The Dark Notes
Note 1:
With this game, it requires Code Breaker PS2 V7.0 or Higher!