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Mercenaries 2-World In Flames
Cheats By
Lajos Szalay
Cheat Device Used
Codes compatible for Code Breaker PS2 version 7.0 or higher! ALSO NOTE: These codes ONLY work on Code Breaker PS2!
Key: C9 D7 6E 06 CD E6 9A 2A 5E 64 15 79 E0 AB D9 9B 0C 3C B9 18
To make use of these files, you need Code Breaker V7 or higher and a compatible USB Flash Device (Pen Drive).
Mercenaries 2-World In Flames (Filesize: 3541 Bytes)
Download Has 74 Cheats.
(Last Updated: 2008-09-06)

(Sony PlayStation®2)

Mercenaries 2-World In Flames
# Description Code
1E Enable Code (Must Be On) [Read Note] B4336FA9 4DFEFB79
6DB26435 9681D183
8CFA9D3D 46AAF653
7CBEC1C9 84D8DF86
1 P1 Press Select To Skip FMV CF2BB1E7 925EA2A5
8FDFD8CF 93A43E80
EE620A8E FE52A956
2 Infinite Health CF900E8F 8FB907DB
BAF645AE 8A8F2650
E1A38322 AE962DFA
EC90A348 9BFE9A93
3 Infinite Grenades A255CE37 17478037
4 Extra Grenades 5F0DD804 D08F2919
5 Infinite Ammo/Never Reload 9E9C5F30 E3002F49
6 Max Infinite Ammo DE99B830 CC399D20
31814EA9 0A3F6204
6111113A 6E923583
36D92D1D 6B571EBC
7 Max Infinite Funds 0BE46A36 54008634
5264CA6B 42F0838D
109DC2AB 7EC43E26
DF6ABEF8 9061C9C8
A47B3374 1FEB0547
B6DFA406 244A89EC
8 Infinite Fuel Reserves F721FD16 9E95A6D8
9 Max Infinite Fuel Reserves 569C7B63 DF72B608
DC96E19A 65AA42BC
293D259B 663A8036
D8EC1403 4DD81001
1699D1F3 670607C9
10 Max All Stockpile Items [Note 1] CE6C4EA1 CE1A8E59
668CBD40 E45F995E
11 P1 Press R3+Left Disable Mission Timer E22D6888 8571BC88
12 P1 Press R3+Right Enable Mission Timer 9FCCD653 B122809C
A6E323DE 48865E2A
13 P1 Press Circle To Moon Jump C015991B 2863E1FE
3526A5D6 37F981BB
Always Good Faction Codes
14 Univ. Petroleum 466B43A8 88F38C5A
15 Pirates 75A04C30 11336EDF
16 Guerrillas 3AF13263 9C6BB17F
17 Allies CA3532DA D57A8FE1
18 Chinese 2673C41C E0C82D09
19 P1 Press L3+Left To All Good Factions D1B30193 373E536A
466B43A8 88F38C5A
CA3532DA D57A8FE1
75A04C30 11336EDF
3AF13263 9C6BB17F
2673C41C E0C82D09
20 P1 Press L3+Right Reset To All Neutral Factions FB919177 83EAEAE3
D2B04A39 5A9E08D3
A7FC49F0 A5B77A80
6269C5A0 A9658549
5772F6F3 2BC1DD21
E811AD15 5959F51A
Change Player Character Codes [Note 2]
21 Jen A9E7ADD2 984B4368
22 Mattias 1CC4BEA1 CF51BB0B
23 Chris 4CDCEE50 D53F85F3
Activate Cheat Codes
24 Infinite Ammo/Grenades (All Weapons) EDC40C40 38AE3BAC
25 God Mode [Note 3] 4E851DE4 3289B2E1
658A28E7 00CA33F2
26 P1 Press L2+Left Display Factions Enable F0C59E6D 86209737
2B1CB581 1726A5C3
D1C16BE0 9E681EE2
A8E98E78 E6B017D3
FC4D788C 6676491B
999334BC 323C4C35
27 P1 Press L2+Right Display Factions Disable B85E58FC AB900DEC
25715AC4 6005817F
3C6F5F24 1D0DC99D
37A9F47A 628A901C
61A8AA55 CDACD223
28 P1 Press R2+Left Big Map Onscreen Enable 25E62090 2E62C243
B24BA5B4 00A85B88
29 P1 Press R2+Right Big Map Onscreen Disable 4479FF66 8329D14D
DA739FB3 B96BB66B
30 P1 Press Select+Up No Texture Enable 26FC5A2A EA2CF5C1
AE995B15 68DEBC91
31 P1 Press Select+Down No Texture Disable 79DC37A4 2A05ADDC
4FC9E009 43AD929A
Statistics Codes
32 Total Play Time 0:00:00 A6B72C8B 6D926DBE
33 Always 1st Save D80EBC83 A494D8F8
34 Max Number Of Grenades Thrown 5CE0933B 8C8691A9
35 No Number Of Grenades Thrown F20669E4 4CA96E76
36 Max Number Of C4 Cgarges Placed A764102C 9A51FD1B
37 No Number Of C4 Cgarges Placed C745FB16 AE949E32
38 Max Number Of Rockets Fired 4A1D15B5 18CD09C7
39 No Number Of Rockets Fired 3F1145AD 24D4AE6D
40 Max Number Of Bullets Fired 141EC74B 53A641DB
41 No Number Of Bullets Fired 71E0658E 97CFBF8A
42 Max Medevacs 2F6D2E03 77E343D4
43 No Medevacs 063F5928 ADBDB460
44 Max Critical Hits 326BA00E 204A4EBD
45 No Critical Hits B74A6272 A26514F1
46 Max Deaths 27ABA6D7 5F04EA5F
47 No Deaths 45947A97 D3777EC4
48 Max Retries EC7FBA65 2DA37000
49 No Retries 1CD32056 521D3E5A
Humans Killed Codes
50 Max Universal Petroleum Killed D8BCDED6 B2B34D8D
51 No Universal Petroleum Killed 5017F495 669AF1F7
52 Max Pirates Killed BD3F02D9 5B285A0A
53 No Venezuelan Army Killed FB44048C 562EDB08
54 Max Pirates Killed 323993FF 0B99700A
55 No Venezuelan Army Killed 5A6E01D3 64A2EF20
Vehicles Destroyed Codes
56 Max Manley SAM Destroyed 0F445ACD DE2F2773
57 No Manley SAM Destroyed E6192F7F 98AE0935
58 Max SM Cargo Destroyed 2F88490D 29F75D78
59 No SM Cargo Destroyed 9BA5DE62 1264B12C
60 Max Gunney Bird Destroyed 0EBFE473 663FB8FF
61 No Gunney Bird Destroyed 2B2C0D59 7769A349
62 Max Brigante Destroyed 37491CF4 BA0ABE18
63 No Brigante Destroyed 480761D8 0DA00CE7
64 Max Serrano Light Tank Destroyed 1C6359CE 28E52B19
65 No Serrano Light Tank Destroyed 017AC9FD 72FA5BCF
66 Max Bashy Scout Destroyed 44511825 702913AB
67 No Bashy Scout Destroyed CF3D4A85 1387FE41
Have All Max Collectibles Items Codes
68 Fuel Cans 81F239EF 84E05B2F
69 Crash Pallets 4F13B9ED 46678165
70 Dogtags 40248B4F 0A90E1B7
71 Briefcases 460E6E2E 7AEF2738
72 Pirate Chests C74A352E 4D6670BA
73 Schematics 89C2087F D0D6DB1D
74 Propagande Materials D386B483 CB766BB8
(75 codes total)

(Sony PlayStation®2)

Mercenaries 2-World In Flames Notes
Note 1:
With this code, you must complete the Pilot Mission before you can use all items.
Note 2:
With these codes, you can only use one and must load your gamesave.
Note 3:
With this code, it works for you & your current vehicle.
Note 4:
With this game, it requires Code Breaker PS2 V7.0 or Higher!