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Star Wars-The Force Unleashed
Cheats By
Lajos Szalay
Cheat Device Used
Codes compatible for Code Breaker PS2 version 7.0 or higher! ALSO NOTE: These codes ONLY work on Code Breaker PS2!
Key: DA F7 0E 40 D3 59 B2 01 EC 77 8A C6 C3 A9 1B 3D 07 B8 2A B3
To make use of these files, you need Code Breaker V7 or higher and a compatible USB Flash Device (Pen Drive).
Star Wars-The Force Unleashed (Filesize: 1273 Bytes)
Download Has 18 Cheats.
(Last Updated: 2008-10-27)

(Sony PlayStation®2)

Star Wars-The Force Unleashed
# Description Code
1E Enable Code (Must Be On) [Read Note] B4336FA9 4DFEFB79
ACD1DF5B 819A38D9
47674381 E5619E42
A75931DC 267B0DFE
1 Infinite Health 08A55655 AB494547
2 Infinite Force Power 3345BA9C 1B4D815E
1D75979D 6CE81223
3 Infinite Force Points 6584BCBF 3BA40ED4
4 Max Infinite Force Points FB709089 838ECA8D
5 Have All Force Powers 5D4B13EC F3BD9E11
A4121A74 C2141A05
6 Have All Force Powers At Maximum Level 5568358E 3AB6D981
56EF75AC CE526419
B8355466 69ABF728
7 Unlock All Costumes 1ADA9429 F1670B09
8 Have All Color Crytals 1B5ABC5E 7BAC335E
F483A28F 230CF883
9 Have All Combat Crystals DB8747A9 C2A5EDC1
F83010FC 99A19A3D
10 Have All Saber Hilt 7EC730A6 510FC0BB
9C945359 0BE4AE84
11 Have All Holocron BA809BCB A289D70E
4BEA434F 9F134F51
544B5C41 BB191434
12 Have All Jedi Holocron (On Pickup) F05DA8C9 6D836BE6
0B9185ED 4AC040DE
13 1-Hit Death (Enemies) 740C3478 34F795D6
940A1B92 AA874349
B94AAC6D 353F1E61
2C96A20F C3D6D221
D47B8392 B584520E
11825C52 C867EEA6
F41000C7 857756ED
5D0337BC 1F394BF1
14 1-Hit Death (Boss) 724AD7A2 74FECA80
2DE3DC40 C92DE286
53C5D39D 3BDE27AA
89FF44DC 7379F18E
18060BE9 70D185E2
2AC641B6 2F9E3593
6BCB8F46 91AF85D1
B3C56927 BF901CC6
Activate Cheat Codes
15 Invincible CFF1187C 5E40BADA
16 Infinite Force Power FB2EBEE2 72C51FE5
17 Amplified Lightsaber Damage F72CE80E 150A45C2
18 Cartoon Shadow 98D98DA7 77A8024F
(19 codes total)

(Sony PlayStation®2)

Star Wars-The Force Unleashed Notes
Note 1:
With this game, it requires Code Breaker PS2 V7.0 or Higher!