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Spider-Man-Web Of Shadows
Cheats By
Lajos Szalay
Cheat Device Used
Codes compatible for Code Breaker PS2 version 7.0 or higher! ALSO NOTE: These codes ONLY work on Code Breaker PS2!
Key: CA 1D 46 3B C7 DB A8 7C 4D 7B B0 7D 35 27 A2 CA 7C 27 CA E4
To make use of these files, you need Code Breaker V7 or higher and a compatible USB Flash Device (Pen Drive).
Spider-Man-Web Of Shadows (Filesize: 1094 Bytes)
Download Has 15 Cheats.
(Last Updated: 2008-11-25)

(Sony PlayStation®2)

Spider-Man-Web Of Shadows
# Description Code
1E Enable Code (Must Be On) [Read Note] B4336FA9 4DFEFB79
359B9C3B A8281081
D82F9619 3C854CD8
1 Infinite Health 746D7CC2 160274C3
56EF75AC CE526419
97B4C20F 98E1A492
E8780B97 B7FD4878
2 1-Hit Death (Enemies) 4B132111 E658D8B3
3 Infinite Skill Points 97DBD2A9 C0F053B2
4 Max Skill Points 51B647BD 90C57EC7
5 Infinite Red Reputation 54C21EE5 E86BEE05
6 Max Red Reputation 3D879B28 113BEC24
7 Infinite Black Reputation BD243E8D D597825C
8 Max Black Reputation A60C6E24 EBBBDDE2
9 Max Infinite Power-Ups AA86F7E0 FEA51804
A1CBAD16 8DD399E9
7C818713 BA19E0B4
3E41DA1A 32628DEA
Ready Missions Codes
10 Infinite Power-Ups 8E5107F2 06521490
66C6399C 8D46BC6F
11 Have All Power-Ups 472DD454 79BFC535
E3A91812 DA3B443E
88095C58 C90FE1B3
6EE231BC 550AD1F3
910A7BE9 AAD6A4F3
Activated Cheat Codes
12 Invulnerable B6AD65BF C4E56EB3
13 1-Hit Death (Enemies) 3FFBEDDA CDEBBC45
14 P1 Press R3+Up Turbo Mode Enable 1CEDFB5D C61858E0
B64DC347 D13A38D0
15 P1 Press R3+Down Turbo Mode Disable 1F801D9D 5A378FBA
C87B1BAF B21F1A92
(16 codes total)

(Sony PlayStation®2)

Spider-Man-Web Of Shadows Notes
Note 1:
With this game, it requires Code Breaker PS2 V7.0 or Higher!